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Why bus diagnostics is necessary?

Often, high-quality diagnostic equipment is used to diagnose all faults and breakdowns of the bus. It can be used to perform bus, passenger car and all other vehicle diagnostics. As technology advances, it is easier to notice certain faults. It is already easy to identify less obvious vehicle problems in the engine, body, suspension, brakes, […]

Types of Truck Tires

It is not difficult to choose HGV tires for passenger cars: use summer tires in summer and winter tires in winter. You can also find all-season tires. However, trucks are a different story not only because they need more than four tires but also because there are different types of HGV tires. Find out types of different […]

The Most Common Bus and Truck Breakdowns

While driving any vehicle, you can experience different breakdowns. Of course, you can notice the less obvious breakdowns if you know vehicles’ weak spots. Since most passenger cars have similar malfunctions, you can recognise them without professional help. The same goes for buses and lorries: they have a list of breakdowns that can be helpful […]

Truck Failure Prevention

Preventive maintenance reduces the need for commercial vehicle repairs and reduces the susceptibility to malfunction. Even the smallest checks can help prevent major problems, so it is better to spend some time on inspection than regret the later breakdown. Of course, this does not guarantee the absence of breakdowns, but it certainly prevents some malfunctions. […]

Truck Maintenance

If you own or drive a truck fleet, you probably know that business success and the work itself are highly dependent on the vehicle. The better the condition, the less you pay for the repairs, so you avoid additional costs and suspended activities due to faulty transport. Truck requires more maintenance than passenger car due […]

The Most Common Truck Breakdowns

Truck drivers should have at least the minimum level of knowledge of these vehicles. This helps to notice faults, malfunctions and the need for repairs. Like all vehicles, lorries have the most common faults that you should be aware of. The first and most common problem is related to wheel bearings. Bearing is a component […]