Types of Truck Tires

It is not difficult to choose HGV tires for passenger cars: use summer tires in summer and winter tires in winter. You can also find all-season tires. However, trucks are a different story not only because they need more than four tires but also because there are different types of HGV tires. Find out types of different truck HGV tires.

You have to keep in mind that lorries usually travel far more kilometres than any other vehicle. Long distances do not mean smooth roads; some can be challenging, so truck tires have to not only ensure good grip but also have to be wear-resistant. Moreover, the tires must be adapted to heavy loads.

According to the road surface, truck tires are divided into several types. Regional tires are intended for long distances and unexpected weather conditions. Highway tires are the simple ones and are intended for asphalt roads. Road tires are intended for driving on forest roads, highways or other poor condition roads. Off-road tires are rarely used because they are intended for heavy-duty vehicles, production equipment or forestry vehicles that have to travel off-road. Winter tires are designed for use on snowy and icy roads. It would be dangerous to use road tires in such conditions. Urban tires are also intended for heavy-duty vehicle use on city roads. They are often used in city buses.

Truck tires are also manufactured taking into account the axle and their functions: front axle tires, rear axle tires and trailer/semi-trailer tires. Used truck tires are also often bought because they are significantly cheaper, but in such cases, you have to pay attention to their condition. In most cases, it is best to invest in new ones.

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