Truck Failure Prevention

Preventive maintenance reduces the need for commercial vehicle repairs and reduces the susceptibility to malfunction. Even the smallest checks can help prevent major problems, so it is better to spend some time on inspection than regret the later breakdown. Of course, this does not guarantee the absence of breakdowns, but it certainly prevents some malfunctions.

You must check your vehicle’s tires regularly. You have to ensure that they are well inflated and have no uneven wear; this ensures good quality traction and braking regardless of the truck’s load. If tires have uneven wear, this might be due to tire pressure, so you have to check it regularly. Preventive inspection of the truck is far better than thinking later about the repairs of the commercial vehicle and all the costs. Of course, in some cases, the breakdown cannot be avoided, so you have to fully rely on the specialists who will repair your vehicle.

Always check your brakes before the trip: you don’t want to lose your brakes during the transportation of large loads, because it is dangerous. If you notice fast wear or even minimal wear of the brakes, consult with specialists who will ensure safe journeys.

It is good to check air filter because clogged filter might reduce air intake to the engine, reduce power and adversely affect your driving efficiency. The proper condition of the air filter allows the engine to work more smoothly, so if you are travelling on dusty roads, you should check your filter more frequently. 

Gearbox and clutch are important components of the vehicle. Unfortunately, in the event of their failure, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to avoid the specialist’s help, so the repairs of commercial vehicles are a must in these cases. If you don’t want to experience an unpleasant breakdown on the road, inspect your truck before the trip yourself or consider professional service. After all, gearbox and clutch wear every time you drive, so it is better to be safe than sorry.