The Most Common Truck Breakdowns

Truck drivers should have at least the minimum level of knowledge of these vehicles. This helps to notice faults, malfunctions and the need for repairs. Like all vehicles, lorries have the most common faults that you should be aware of.

The first and most common problem is related to wheel bearings. Bearing is a component the facilitates the movement of the vehicle by reducing the friction. Bearing breakdown is easily noticeable because it causes annoying noises as soon as the truck starts moving. Unstable vehicle movements or unusual tilting may also occur. If you notice any of these malfunctions, you must have your bearings checked as truck repairs might be required.

Brake fluid leaks and other brake faults are other problems specific to lorries. Heavy pressure is applied to the brakes when transporting heavy loads, so this can lead to brake fluid leaks. This problem is more common in modern lorries or those that are not regularly serviced and checked by specialists. If you feel that the performance of the brakes reduced even slightly, you should not risk driving further.

Engine starting problems might also occur. It is caused mostly by low temperatures. During winter, most of the lorries are used less, and during that time, vehicles become more susceptible to starter breakdown. To avoid these problems, it is best to monitor and properly service your vehicle during winter. Truck repairs are necessary when the vehicle fails to start several times even though radio and other minor components are switched off.

Engine overheating may also occur. There are many possible causes for this problem, so it’s not always easy to identify it right away. Engine overheating may signal other and more significant engine failures. To avoid these issues, you should have your vehicle checked by the specialist frequently, and inspect for signs of possible overheating. If a problem occurs, it is best to eliminate it as soon as possible to avoid other malfunctions and faults.

So, no vehicle is safe from all possible malfunctions, but if you know what problems might occur, it would be much easier to foresee or spot them faster.